Project: Seasonal Clothing Line Commercial Client: Camila Davi

Brief: Camila Davi is an apparel brand that sources it's style inspiration from many iconic periods of history. They are all about empowering women, through fashion, to seek confidence and become their best self. Because of this, they want to give women the tools they need to do that. Their sole goal, is to create a healthy level of self love and self worth. Through the expression of one’s outward appearance and personality we promote individualism, uniqueness, and personal style. Creating all of the visuals for their mid-summer line would need to fit into the brand that they had already created. Here is a little bit about what they have to say about themselves, "Camila Davi is dedicated to the idea that finding your style is one of the most important things in building your confidence, whether as an artist or just as a person in general. We do heavy research studying current trends, styles, and what’s going to be the next wave in fashion. Our style is based off of that research but also mixed with some of the best trends from every past decade. We believe in the saying “Whatever goes around, comes back around” in that there is a cyclical pattern to most things and that fashion is no different. We want to nod to all the great things done in the fashion industry in the past and believe that a lot of these things can co-exist at the same time.Camila Davi is pastel, black and white, rock and roll, classical, jazz, retro, 1970’s Las Vegas, 1960’s classic American cars, vintage, nostalgic, rose-tinted glasses, complex, hip hop, rap, urban, boundary-pushing, agitating, new age, current, evolutionary, hip, stylistic, and confident. Camila Davi is then, and now."

My role in this project was to take all of the studio product pictures, their first set of lifestyle pictures, and create a 30-second commercial capturing the essence and feel of that particular midsummer line. Included in the 30 second commercial is some original sound production to really help create that uniqueness and individuality that they are promoting. Once completed, I was tasked with implementing all of the visual content onto their pre-built site making sure that it was all cohesive and portrayed the attributes that they wanted to display.

Check out the design work done for them here.

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