Project: Persistence music video Client: The Skinny Limbs

Brief: For this song, The Skinny Limbs wanted to throw it back to the days of tweed pants and wooden pipes. The visual story of this song is all about a group of friends having the time of their lives, enjoying one another's company, creating memories that they'd remember forever. This video plays out two different timelines, one in which the guys are living in the present loving life, and the second, where an older version of one of them is trying to relocate the spot where the best day of his life took place. This is a contrast of warmth and youthfulness versus dark, cold, and old age.

The stylistic look, props, and set of this video were inspired by the work of Wes Anderson, one of the great American film directors. We took inspiration from his coloring, where he shoots his movies, and the somewhat comical way in which he edits his films. It is such a joy working with super talented friends and creatives that have similar interests and boundless imaginations.

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