Project: branding Client: A/X Medical

Brief: A/X Medical is medical company who's main goal is to increase the safety measures taken in hospitals and keep both doctors and patients healthy. They have designed a negative pressure environment that reduces the spread of airborne transmissible diseases. The chamber has multiple ports that allow the healthcare provider to interact with the patient and preform various medical procedures. Their product, named the "AX-1", is made out of reusable materials that are easy to sterilize and keep clean. It has carefully been designed to be able to fold into itself thus reducing the amount of space that it takes up in the hospitals. Careful measurements make it usable with standard medical beds and ambulances.

These were all things that I was thinking about when designing the logo and made it important to incorporate them in some form or another. After an extensive amount of explorations, I had come up with something that spoke to these ambiguous features and one that the client instantly loved. Various color palettes were created but this one spoke the most to being different than the other companies in the space. A company that is more focused on the experience and culture versus just profitability and total product sales.

In conclusion, the main goal of A/X Medical is to create a safer environment for both the healthcare provider and the patient. The logo mark, with its use of positive and negative space, mixed with the use of color and why we chose certain ones tells a story as to how they are forward thinking and different than their competition.

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