Project: logo creation, website, and full branding Client: Camila Davi

Brief: Camila Davi is dedicated to the idea that finding your style is one of the most important things in building your confidence, whether as an artist or just as a person in general. They do heavy research studying current trends, styles, and what’s going to be the next wave in fashion. Their style is based off of that research but also mixed with some of the best trends from every past decade. We believe in the saying “Whatever goes around, comes back around” in that there is a cyclical pattern to most things and that fashion is no different. They want to nod to all the great things done in the fashion industry in the past and believe that a lot of these things can co-exist at the same time.

For this project, I was first brought on as a consultant on how to best capture the mood and soul of this company in a visual way. After showing my worth and what I could provide, my role expanded to being in charge of their art direction for collection drops and the full branding of the company. Based on the look of their fashion lines for each season, I alter the look of their brand visuals to fit that same feeling. Shown below is their first run which is a mixture of underground streetwear and classic gothic lettering with a hint of retro. Doing work with Camila Davi is exciting because they fully understand that a brand's image can change and evolve quickly over time as long as you are fully transparent with your customers and the market you're in. Check out the video work done for them here.