Project: logo design, branding, package design Client: Kik Wipes

Brief: Kik Wipes is a company that cares about the "sneaker head". Do you have those favorite pair of shoes that you are always a little bit nervous to wear out and about because you don't want to scuff up or get them dirty? Worry no more! Kik Wipes' patented cleaning formula will allow you to wear those shoes care-free knowing that a clean shoe is only a wipe away. These wipes are designed for all types and styles of shoe ranging from the athletic shoe all the way to leather high heels. Bring them on the go because you never know when you might need one.

For this project, I was tasked with taking the attitude and voice of the brand and creating a corresponding mark to shows the friendliness and inclusivity they wanted to reflect. After creating some options (shown at the bottom of the page here), they decided that this one communicated those ideas the best. I was also in charge of creating the packaging for the product that used reoccurring symbols, icons, and colors that are present throughout the brand. This included custom stickers and labeling.