Project: logo creation and branding Client Koach

Brief: Koach is a mentorship program that focuses on improving the inner character of a person through sports (basketball for this season) to grow and nourish a more fruitful life.

For this identity I took inspiration from the glory days of basketball. Think of Harlem Globetrotters, money ball for three-point contests, and NBA Street Basketball video games. The things the owners grew up on and held close to their heart, something they thought would be neat to have inspire the look and feel of the brand. The "NIC" looking mark is Hebrew for Coach or Mentor and was something the owners wanted to focus on. I carefully selected typefaces and colors that would push these ideas and help increase the feeling of trust and familiarity while yet creating something new and fresh. I wanted to make this brand approachable and fun so that people are more open to be a part of the program.

Koach logo - basketball and sports mentorship program
Koach - branding case studyKoach logo on pictureKoach - logo and brand badges (greyscale)