Project: rebranding Client: R and Family Tree Service

Brief: R and Family Tree Service is a landscaping company that brings the family warmth into their work. With a kind crew, they differ from other landscaping companies that will simply treat you like another transaction. They are also BBB certified (Better Business Bureau) so you know they're legit. Through the marketing company I was working for, I was contacted to make a logo and give them an identity.

I tried to stay relatively simple with this mark and chose to go with the word mark route. I knew that I wanted to incorporate a nature/tree symbol somewhere in the word and after messing around for a bit I found that the left side of the R was the perfect negative space for it. The company itself has a very rugged, hard working, chunky vibe to them so I chose the typeface Rockwell to try and capture that. Since the "tree service" part of the name is more of a descriptor, I decided that it would be fitting to keep it towards the bottom on the totem pole of hierarchy. In creating numerous different versions of this logo, I also found that having too much big, bold text was overbearing and took away from the cleverness of the mark above it. I chose the clean san-serif font, Montserrat, to be the descriptor part of the name and found that it had the perfect amount of contrast to everything above it.

graphic - r and family tree service full logo white
graphic - r and family tree service logo black