Project: logo creation, branding, and positioning Client Roll Call / Gettin' Fresh

Brief: Roll Call is the mobile food truck of Gettin' Fresh. While the owner wanted to keep the current, established brand for the catering side of her business, she wanted new positioning of the food truck side of her business to have a different attitude since they were catering to two different markets. The food truck side of things is now branded as "Roll Call", the loud-mouthed, younger, mischievous brother to the Gettin' Fresh brand. This is a place where they can experiment and try out new and unique recipes to potentially use for the Gettin' Fresh rotating seasonal menus.

I was brought on to help guide the development of the new Roll Call brand, talking with the owner and solidifying the tone, visual and vocal attributes of the brand, and how they would represent themselves. In addition to that, I also designed the visual identity of the company based off of all of these things. As a result, we created this punk, loud, and care-free look that you see below.

Roll Call food truck - branding case study